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Slave Boy James

Just a guy who dreams of being a slaveboy, unfortunately due to my disability that will not be a reality but I can dream and make posts. I’m just a 21 year old who makes little stories that I Dream about to escape my reality. 18+ only and all posts are stories not reality and I cannot stress enough that all “boys” are 18+. Ask me anything:) and above all else, enjoy yourself! Ask me anything

This blog contains adult content and you're only seeing a review of it. In order to view it completely, please log in or register and confirm you are 18 years or older

After 3 weeks Of intense beatings and rapes. Rob, still doesn't get it. He doesn't get that he doesn't have a say. That all he is, is a pathetic slave slut, and no amount of shouting, screaming, or swearing, will change that.

Don't get me wrong, I love breaking in a straight, cocky, arrogant bitch as much as the next trainer. But Rob's denial was strong...

It was clear he needed something to help. Luckily, I had just the thing.

During his stay at the facility. I never really discussed Rob's brother with him. Why would I? I sold that slut months ago, as far as i knew, he was living 'happily' with his new owner, somewhere in Spain. I saw no reason to discuss past events. It's not my fault Rob got himself caught, trying to find his lost brother...

But now, it's clear to me that in order for Rob, to move on...he needs some closure on his brother's fate. Closure that only I could provide.

I ended up telling Rob, all about his brother. How he used to beg me not to fuck him. How he served as my personal urinal. How he cried as I fucked him...I could go on and on for hours. Just thinking about it made my cock twitch.

For some reason, Rob still didn't believe me (more denial), unfortunately for him, I even had proof. A video. To put to rest any doubt.

I remember the video well. I got a random text from one of our buyers. Thanking me for my services, and with the text came a video, of an ex recruit hard at work, worshiping the buyer's member. Must've watched that video at least a dozen times...

I showed the video to Rob, not out of spite, just to make him see reason...he couldn't keep his eyes of the screen. He couldn't believe what he was watching. It couldn't be his brother in that video. It just couldn't be. But of course, it was.

For the first time in 3 weeks. Rob wasn't screaming or shouting or swearing...he was crying. Crying because he now knows I'm not lying. Crying because he now knows his brother's. Crying because he knows...he's gonna share it.

I turned my phone off and went to the back of him, admiring his tight pussy, lining my rock hard cock with it. I whispered in his ear: we cant change the past, but with my help, ire make him a great slut slave. As good, if not better than his brother. Soon enough, my cock pushed it's way past his inviting hole....and the entire time, not once did he struggle. Just cried. 

I don't encounter many people in this area and especially not little eye-catchers like this one. Living all alone just a few miles away in the middle of nowhere it was clear to me that I wouldn't let this opportunity pass. When asked the naive stud happily told me anything I wanted to know. That his name was Liam, that he was 23 years old and that he just finished another year in college and just wanted to get his head free from the daily routine. That is why he had searched for a way to get away from everyone - even his girlfriend - and everything for at least a few weeks. He laughingly told me he had been living from day to day since two weeks and was just traveling through the country without a plan. Hitchhiking, walking...and now he somehow ended up here with nothing more than a bottle of water, a small tent and a blanket inside his backpack. In short: He was perfect.

I told him how much I admired his spirit and that I wished him the best. But I also told him that the sun would set in maybe two hours and that this might be the opportunity for him to spend at least one night in my house. He could get some rest, new energy, a warm shower and fresh supplies. Without even hesitating he thanked me and followed me to my car. During our ride I told him how special he was and that all the others of his generations should see him as an example for his love of adventure and his will to explore. When we arrived, he looked around with big eyes. I told him that hard work in life can get someone to this point. A place of quietness and peace. We went inside and while he looked around, I prepared some drinks for us. I handed him his glass and thirty from his walk and the hot summer sun Liam drank it all down in a few gulps. Naturally he told me that he felt strange just a few minutes ago and I told him to sit down since he certainly was just exhausted. Right when he did, he fell to the side and lost his consciousness. I calmly finished my own drink and looked at the sleeping boy. He'd be gone for a few hours. There was no need to rush.

After carrying the knocked out lad down into the basement (no one came ever close to my house in years but I always had been a careful man) I put him onto my bondage table. I didn't restrained him yet since I needed to move his limbs during the preparations. I went upstaris again and returned with his backpack. I threw it into the corner and looked at my newest toy.

I let my fingers run through his curly hair, slid down over his cheeks and lips. I put my hands on his shirt and felt his chest. It slowly moved up and down and I continued feeling him up. He had exactly the type of body I enjoyed the most. Strong but not bulky, hard but not rough, smooth but not weak. I grabbed a pair of scissors and slowly began to cut his white shirt from his body. And exactly as I anticipated underneath a nicley toned and defined stomach and chest appeared. I let my hands run over his smooth abs and went down to give it a taste. My tongue slid over each muscle so I could almost taste his youth and energy. After cutting off his black shorts a nice dick was revealed. Not that I had much interest in a bitch's clit but it still was a part of him. Finally I took off his sneekers and socks and admired the now fully naked boy. He was indeed an eye-catcher and would please me well as soon as he was done. I'd later burn all his belongings. But now my attention was fixed on him.

The shaving always takes most of the time. Especially the legs. I want my fuck-toys smooth and hairless beneath their eyes and took special care in making sure not a single hair would be left. And since I had to turn him around all by myself it took my almost over an hour to get him all hairless. But it was worth it. Looking like a teenager who had skipped puberty, I could finally begin to get him dressed.

First, I put a collar around his neck and locked it in place. He wouldn't be able to get it off even if he could use his hands. Built inside the collar was a shocker of the kind that's used to train dogs. Quite fitting since there wasn't a difference between an animal and a straight bitch. 

Second, I put leather cuffs around his wrists and ankles and locked them in place as well. Additionally, I also put his hands into mittens to make him feel utterly helpless as soon as he'd wake up. I then restrained his hands and feet to the corners of the table. Last, I put a muzzle gag over his mouth and too locked it in place on the back of his head. Admiring my work, I let him be, took his belongings from the corner and went outside. I threw it all into an old barrel, poured gas over it and lit it up. I watched Liams old life burn to ashes and enjoyed the sunset in the sky.

It was already dark outside when I heard the first sound from downstairs. I smiled to myself and went to the basement. Liam was fully awake and frantically trashing and pulling against his restraints. When he saw me, he rose his head and screamed at me beneatch his gag. I let him. During the first few hours it was impossible to get a kidnapped buck quiet, not even through pain. Instead I began to realize his utter helplessness by calmly feeling his smooth, naked body up again. Trying to wriggle away, he could do nothing to prevent me from tasting his defined abs again, from feeling his straining muscles and from fondling his balls. I told him that it was true what I told him in my car, that I admired his spirit. Because only that kind of naivity was responsible that fate provided me with such a delicious fuck-slave. He flinched when I said that and went quiet for the first time. I then explained in short words that this would be his life from now one: Being trained to please me with his body, mouth and pussy. When I then pulled out a welder from underneath the table he began to whimper and shake his head. I calmed him down and told him he wouldn't have to fear anything if he just behaved and that I wouldn't hurt him with that...if he held still. I then pulled out a metal cock ring and the fitting metal chastity cage. Not able to understand what I was doing Liam watched my every move with eyes as big as plates, whimpered and pleaded behind his gag. I slowly put the ring around his base and put the cage over his limb cock. I then pressed the ring and cage together and told him to shut his eyes if he didn't want to feel something worse. I ignited the welder and looked a bit down. Of course he whimpered and wriggled. The heat was almost unbearable but he knew that I could burn off his junk if he wouldn't keep it still. Not even twenty seconds later I turned it off and looked down. The cage was now permanently sealed over young Liam's straight cock.

Nothing happend after that. I left him alone in the dark and started his training the next day. There isn't much you can do with a freshly captured straight bitch who still has to learn his place. And after offering him some water and canned dog food (which he refused eating) I pulled him up into the living room. With his hands bound behind his back and his feet and legs tied together he knelt between my legs. I put a bowl next to him and turned on the TV. I then took off his muzzle (which caused him to scream for help as loud as he could) and replaced it with a huge spider-gag which kept his teeth painfully wide apart. In sheer terror he watched me taking up an almost footlong dildo. I held him in place with my legs, pulled back his head by his hair and stuffed the dildo into his vulnerable mouth.

Almost four days I did nothing else but raping that straight boy's mouth and throat with that huge dildo. With each thrust I made sure to force all of the dildo down his throat that the silicon balls always touched his chin. During the first three times he vomitted immediately into the bowl I had prepared but after that nothing was left that could have come out. Of course he gagged and coughed like the three times before, of course his body wanted to vomit but his stomach was all empty. Which is why I didn't have to stop and continued to push the dildo all the way in again and again. He cried the entire time. His eyes were bright red, countless tears of pain and desperation had fallen to the ground and litres of salvia had been running down his chin. But I didn't stop except for short breaks. After four days his throat was like a tube. He didn't gag anymore, he didn't cough. His eyes still teared up but the dildo went up and down without resistance. No gag refelx was left. And that was the day I finally used him for the first time.

I pulled out the dildo and threw it away. I turned the sobbing and whimpering boy around and freed my fully erected cock. Seeing that he began to cry. Maybe because he finally realized what he was destined for. I put one hand behind his head and pressed the crying boy on my meat. I had waited so long for that feeling. His warm mouth covered my dick and without pause I pressed it through his throat. When his nose pressed against my pubes and my balls touched his chin I held him down. I threw my head back and released a moan of pure pleasure and satisfaction. I grabbed his hair and began to force his head up and down my hard cock. He cried and sobbed the entire time. And my cock was as hard as iron. Resisting the urge to christen the straight boy with my cum in his mouth, I pulled him off and threw him on the ground. Still bound he couldn't stop me from grabbing his waist and pointing my cock at his smooth and hairless pussy. Realizing what I was going to do, he begged, cried and screamed. But all of that just made me want to fuck him more than even I could have imagined. Using his own salvia as lube, I pressed against his hole and forced my way in. He screamed in pure pain and his eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head. Still gagged with that huge spider-gag he drooled on the floor like he had lost his mind when I began to fuck that straight college boy into his place. I groaned and moaned with a mixture of animalistic need and human euphoria like I had never felt before. His cries and his tight hole made me feel like I had left my body. And I kept pounding his virgin hole. I raped the boy's body and mind, I fucked all remaining hope out of him. And finally, I groaned in pure relief when I thrusted down one last time and began to cream the inside of the straight boy with my seed.

We both wouldn't forget that first time and even now - two years later - it was something special. Things have changed though. Liam's gone. Instead I can now enjoy my life with an eager fuck-slave with Liam's look. Instead of forcing him to submit I now wake up every morning with his warm mouth wrapped around my morning wood underneath the blanket. Depending on my mood he finishes me that way or climbs up to give me a nice morning ride. When doing so he moans like a bitch in heat while running his hands all over his still defined and hard body. Making sure he'd keep his appereance, I had forced him into a daily workout since the second week of his training. Now he does so voluntarily. He begs me to give him my cock whenever he can. While I eat, while I watch TV, even if I had just shot a load in one of his holes. He needs it. He's nothing without it. Sometimes when I look into his eyes I see something like a dead spot. Something that had been there but left and never got replaced. He's like a living sex doll now, no free will, no thoughts, no desires. The pain, the fear - the whole trauma has killed Liam's mind. All that remained was his body for me to use and abuse. And when I watch him lick and suck on my cock passioantely, I know I'll keep him for at least a few years.

Fucking amazing!! 

11 hours ago

This boy, reflects on how much an idiot he was for shouting those stupid insults to strangers, while our hunter, casually secures his target, without a care in the world.

He's just a random queer. The boy, must've stupidly thought. What the fucks he gonna do?

"Fuck off you dirty fag!!" If he hadn't shouted that, to our hunter, on the train. He probably wouldn't find himself in this situation. Our hunter, probably wouldn't have tailed him home, or brake into his bedroom, late at night. And he definitely wouldn't be securing the boy, on his own bed, patiently wait for the transport van to arrive.

At the facility, the boy, will have plenty of time to work on his attitude. We have whips, shock collars, chastity cages, and plenty of other equipment to help with that...

The hunter, asked if he could oversee his training. I happily agreed. Who better to train the bitch than the man he insulted?

The ideology of thinking he's better than everyone else is about to change, drastically...

Over the coming weeks, the boy will get used to the taste of the man's cock. He'll be impaled on it every damm day, and every time the man, shoots another thick, warm, load, down the boy's throat. He'll ask: "who's the fag now, slave??"

Caleb, was gaining a lot of viewers on his stream...different viewers than what he was accustomed too. He was a natural at this. He did whatever I told him too. No act was too degrading or humiliating for the slut...

Of course...he despised this. He was a gamer not a fucking sex pervert...but still he kept going. I have a sneaking suspension he would never have agreed to my demands-"3 hours of more no less"...if weren't for the fact his little brother was tied up, in the corner of the room.

I told him he would never see his brother ever again, after tonight. If he didn't comply...

Not knowing exactly what I meant or what I was capable off, he had no choice but to agree.

3 hours of more, no less.

Go on that fuck machine, fag.

Suck That dildo, bitch.

Cum on camera, slut.

These were only just some of the stream highlights.

I'm a man of my word after 3 hours I ended the stream. Called, was a crying mess. Begging me to go.

P-pl-please...I done everything you asked of me." He said, while holding back tears. "L-leave me and my brother alone..."

Indeed, Caleb, had done a good job...too good of a job. Out of pure instinct, my rag of Chloroform was pressed against his face, and before he knew it, he was weakly struggling in my arms...he was mine.

I was always taking his brother back to the facility. I wasn't sure about Caleb. But after watching his was a no brainier.

Caleb, will also be coming back with me and he'll be streaming a hell of a lot more. There's a lot more our clients wish to see of Caleb...

In a few months, when the boys begin to accept their new reality. The little brother will also be starring in the stream...making out...sucking cock, together...Caleb, fucking his little brother...or whatever else, our viewers wish to see...I'm sure the stream, will be a huge success...

When we got a call from the naive stud, asking us so politely, if we could discreetly get rid of his unwanted roommates. Of course we agreed. Why would we not?

I don't think the boy, completely understood what he was doing. I don't think he knew that he just destroyed their lives...took away their freedom.

On the day of the capture...I made him watch. I made him watch my men secure his former roommates. I made him watch as my men secured em in a strict hog tie. I made him watch as my men gagged em with each other's socks, while they begged him for help...

It was clear he didn't know what he was doing. He felt guilty as hell...or at least he would've if I didn't give him a more pressing matter to be worried about.

The problem with making a public phone call is that it becomes exactly that. Public. And after I played a recording of him asking us to "discreetly get rid of roommates". He knew he was screwed...but he didn't have to be.

He could either get down on his knees, thank us for our service with a "thank you" blowjob. Or, the recording may just find its way to the local police station.

"The cops, do enjoy arresting a young, fit, jock, like yourself." I warned him "choose wisely..."

It took him a fair while, to make a decision. But when he slowly and hesitantly dropped to his knees, i knew he made the right choice...

He sucked me off, while my men, were busy securing the unfortunate boys, in our truck. He coughed and gagged on my member like crazy, but my guiding hands on the back of his head, kept him on track.

When I came, all over his face, seeing my cum, drip down his lips. I couldn't help but chuckle...

It was never going to be a one time thing. He services me every week. He's actually turning into a half decent cocksucker, too. I always let him know how his former roommates are doing. How tight their pussies are. How their gaining a lot of interest amongst our clientele...

What I haven't told him is that I record him developing his cocksucking skills and post it on our website for all to see. And as soon as he get one interested client...he'll be rejoining his roommates at the facility.

It's honestly only a matter of time. This week, ire probably stop delaying the inevitable and throw him in his own cage...after he's finished sucking me off, of course...

he watches as they bid on him.

Even his captors were surprised. They had only freshly captured the boy, this morning. They thought they'd have to train the bitch first, for their plan to be cost effective. But the constantly increasing bidding price, on the laptop screen was telling a different story...

They could hear the boy, pathetically struggling in the background, like he has done for hours...that only made it, even more entertaining.

The captor's, only chuckled as the price was turning into ridiculous amounts of money. Bidders commenting about all the twisted and perverted things they'd do to this fuck boi, if they owned the bitch. The captor's even began stroking their stiffened cocks, as they read.

Soon, a winner was found and the captors found themselves earning a jaw dropping amount of money, for their deed.

Unfortunately, they couldn't celebrate with A victory fuck. The buyer, requested that the boy, keep his virgin status and that he be smoothly shaved, upon delivery.

No doubt, they'll take their time teasing  the boy. Taunting him, that he's now a piece of owned fuck meat, while they remove his body hair. No amount of struggling or squirming can save him now...

Once done, he'll be thrown in cage, in the back of his captors van, where he'll be on route to meet his new owner  

1 week ago

The beach sure is an amazing place...that's what I told the groggy boys as they were waking up from their drugged slumber. When I arrived they were drinking, dancing, having the night of their young lives. But a few roofies in their drinks, quickly encouraged them to settle down and gave me a perfect opportunity to intervene...

I could've fucked them right there and then but I decided to behave. Besides, there plenty of fuck meat, back at the facility. So instead I contacted a couple of our wealthiest clients, to see if they were interested in what I had to offer.

You see, most clients would only buy the one slave. However, the rich ones-the ones that can afford it, do enjoy buying their slaves in bulk... and these boys, would be perfect for that.

The right one being a blowjob station. Middle, being a bed warmer. Right, being a pup. And the pup, would be made to fuck the other two, on a daily basis, and after, he'd lick his own cum out of their boy pussies. I don't know for sure if that'll be their fates, but it's what ire be recommending to the clients, when they get here.

Just thinking about em makes me pop a boner. Might have to be bad and make use of the blowjob station, before they arrive. 

Me and my men constantly browse through countless social media profiles...because you never know what you might find and what opportunities may arise...

One trainer, found this clip of a live stream. A boy, stumbling drunk from a party. Barely able to stand up...he was perfect and ripe for capture.

Luckily, from this video, we were able to find his Facebook profile, and from that, his home address. One of our hunters was only parked 15 minutes away... it must be fate... I quickly told my man, to make an additional stop...

My guess. The boy, won't even wake up, while he's being taken. But even if he does, a rag of chloroform will quickly fix that.i did tell our hunter, to equip him with a penis gag. Slut may as well get some training in, while he's sleeping off a hangover. 

But once he's secured in the facility and fully conscious. The real fun can begin...

1 week ago

Alright, boy, shhhh, shh, hush… keep quiet. We’ve got ya. You’re ours now.

WHEW what a rush! You got his hands secured back there? Good. Steve’s about 45 seconds away. Once he parks, he’s opening up the back and we’re gonna sprint this fucker into the cage in the back. We’ll grab his high school buddy a couple streets over and then back to the Stables we go.

How I love the capture! We‘ll be having lots of fun with you, boy.

1 week ago

The boy, enjoyed showing off his body. That much was painfully obvious. He enjoyed taunting the 'pervs', as he called them, guess he didn't expect one of those 'pervs' to sucker punch him in the gut, and drag his crying ass, to their truck...and chloroform him. Na. Didn't expect that at all.

Our hunters, don't play games. They just take what they want...

At this facility, the hunter, who captured the bitch, asked if he could personally oversee its training. With that body...I knew a lot of clients who would be willing to pay big, for a chance to own. Therefore, I decided my man, earned a reward. So I agreed his request.

He knew the perfect way to break the boy. The boy, seemed to love showing off his body, if he's Instagram account is anything to go off by...all those shirtless pics. Well his trainer, knew the perfect way to show off that hot little body.

With the aid of a camera, some tight rope. our personal website, and some equipment.

He live-streamed every fuck.

He live-streamed every blowjob.

He live-streamed every punishment session.

And he live-streamed everything else that our clients, wanted to see.

A dildo, would always be stuffed in his ass. Unless his pussy was about to stuffed with the real thing. In which case, it would serve as a gag. The boy, quickly became hesitant to spit it out. Because whenever he did would be 50 whacks with a paddle on his vulnerable butt. So he quickly learned. Shame really, Our clients, loved watching that...though even time, his trainer would teasingly ask him, how his pussy juices, tasted?

It's only a matter of time, before the boy, is taken off his hands. The live-streams, have become somewhat of a mini slave auction. Soon, theirs bound to be an irrefutable offer.

Though the hunter, will certainly miss the slut. He'll be more than happy to get back to his normal job.

There's a lot more cocky straight boys, out there. That need to be put in their proper place. 

Sucking Dad's Cock in the Back of the Store

He can't fuck his son at the store because the kid makes way too much noise when he's getting nailed.  It might disturb the customers.

The store owner started to punish the young shoplifters by making them suck his cock.  He thought making them swallow a load of his cum would put an end to shoplifting in his store.  He was surprised when the shoplifting increased.  Eventually his cock was getting sucked more than 10 times a day.  It became funny when they started carrying out the merchandise in the open.  One guy after swallowing a load of his cum asked how much he had to steal to get the store owner's cock in his pussy.  Now he has ordered a bunch of chastity cages and will be locking up the guys cocks after they swallow his cum.  Personally I think it will only make the shoplifting worse.
2 weeks ago